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Discovery Uzbekistan Travel Guide #14/2010

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From Editor

The idea of a "best of' Discovery Central Asia Travel Magazine has been floating around for a while. After all, we're presently working on the 13 issue; we're in our third year of publishing the only English language travel magazine coming out of this part of the world; providing up-to-date indispensable information on the many aspects of tourism along the heart of the Great Silk Road.

Our great supporter and partner, the British Council in Tashkent, has once again been most generous and has enabled us to present to you a different picture from the one you encounter in your local and international media these days. Its director, Neville McBain, is also a contributing editor and will take you to the shores of the AraI Sea in an exclusive article.

This free-of-charge Uzbekistan supplement published with the purpose of giving you an overview of the best of everything to be experienced while traveling through this still relatively unknown country.

Is this a good time to travel to Central Asia I ask rhetorically on the Bukhara Tourism Association website of course it is. How could it not be a good time to travel among some of the most interesting and genuinely friendly people you will encounter on earth, whose culture holds dear the values of hospitality and safety and who have so much to show for themselves? Come and see for yourself, let yourself be guided by our articles and the service providers you find in our advertisement section. And then let us know your very own opinion.

Bon voyage
Andrea Leuenberger

Discovery Uzbekistan #2

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