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Discovery Uzbekistan Travel Guide #14/2010

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Even those who know nothing about Uzbekistan have some flicker of recognition when it comes to the mythical city of "Samarkand". Countless travellers have passed through here over thousands of years and told glowing tales of the city's splendour. Browse the internet, read the travel tales, legends and firsthand accounts of travellers from all over the world who have been to Samarkand.
Samarkand is a multifaceted city; it is neither a museum town such as Khiva, nor does it have the old world feel of Bukhara's narrow winding lanes. Samarkand is a busy city with a flair and a bustle that complement its stunning artefacts. Once a Russian garrison, the centre still boasts many lovely Empire style houses; these are presently going through a revival and being renovated and their charm preserved, Art Deco elements included. Stroll down the shady University Boulevard at any time of day for some people-watching and then turn right towards the downtown area, where many trendy and original cafés and restaurants have opened. And give it a few more months and the first boutique hotel will open its doors as well. We're working on it...




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