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Discovery Uzbekistan Travel Guide #14/2010

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Adventure tourism in Uzbekistan

World-renowned monuments of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and the other ancient cities of Uzbekistan have annually attracted to Uzbekistan hundreds of tourists from all over the world. However, until present the richest natural potential of Uzbekistan has been actually little used yet.

At the territory of Uzbekistan there are one of the greatest desert of Asia i.e., Kizilkum (The Red Sand), mysterious plateau Ustyurt, mountains of Pamirs-Alay and Tien Shan reaching heights of more than 4500 meters. In the Republic there are 12 reserves and national natural parks. more

A cultural oasis in Karakalpakstan the museum in Nukus

"Museums are not just deposits of the past but should let the past speak to the present in its own voice, which could be surprisingly different. Museums can also be the unique voice of local communities, unique because each place on earth is unique in its history, its landscape and its local cultures. I prefer to see museums as centres of living culture and active learning.
We have awarded the Nukus museum a grant precisely because of this. We hope this grant will catalyse support for the excellent work this Museum is doing to speak to younger artists inspired by Savitsky's traditions.”

Rafique Keshavjee

UNESCO Uzbekistan Director Barry Lane said, “By combining training in conservation with original creation, the project will build local capacity to manage the collection and at the same time promote Nukus and Karakalpakstan as an interesting destination for cultural tourism, helping to create sustainable employment in one of the poorest and environmentally hard hit regions of the country.” more

Silk of Kings
Silk of KingsOnce upon a time, the Khan of Kokand, who already had four wives, decided he wanted a fifth. He fell in love with the beautiful young daughter of a local artisan. The artisan did not want to marry off his daughter, and asked the Khan to reconsider.

The Khan respected the artisan and his skill, and said he would consent to the man's wishes if he created something more beautiful and mystical than his daughter in the course of one night. The artisan struggled throughout the night but still by daybreak had not succeeded. At dawn, he sat by a stream, lamenting the loss of his daughter, when suddenly, reflected in the blue water he saw all the colours of sunrise, the clouds, a rainbow; he knew what he had to do. more
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